Image of pilgrims in Kumbo Diocese used for the official artwork of the EP Together by Nsay ki la

On 6 December 2022, we released a 6-track music project titled TOGETHER. This was a build-up to the peak celebration of the Ruby Jubilee of the Catholic Diocese of Kumbo on 8 December 2022.

The artwork of our EP shows exactly what the Diocese celebrated. It easily ties in with the title of the EP, as well as the theme of the celebration. The image is a shot taken on 9 March 2018 of diocesan pilgrims going to Boyong Hill.

The Artwork and the Theme

Like any other jubilee, the 40th anniversary of the Diocese of Kumbo is a time to look back in gratitude. This is what stood out at the beginning of the Ruby Jubilee Prayer which was being said within the Diocese, and by children of the Diocese living outside.

The theme of the celebration was “Together on Mission: ‘Go out to the whole world, proclaiming the gospel to all creation’ (Mk 16:15)”. This theme speaks about the unity of purpose. After 40 years of existence, the celebration called on all the sons and daughters of the Church that is in Kumbo to expand God’s Kingdom. They are to do this together.

The artwork of the EP “Together” by Nsay ki la, on its own, relates closely to the theme. It shows people moving together, in one direction. They have a mission. In the image, the mission was an annual diocesan pilgrimage of Kumbo Diocese to Boyong Hill. Correlating it to the ruby jubilee, the mission is to go out to the world and proclaim the gospel.

This demands a unified effort, a common purpose, and collaboration between the agents of evangelization at the various levels of the pastoral organigram. In brief: together on mission!

The Artwork and the Music

The EP “Together” takes its name from the first word of the theme of the ruby jubilee celebration of the Diocese of Kumbo. “Together on Mission: ‘Go out to the whole world, proclaiming the gospel to all creation’ (Mk 16:15)” read the theme.

What better way to capture the message of the EP than to use a picture that tells a story? The image of pilgrims moving on together, therefore, stands out. When one sees the image, and sees the title “Together”, it sparks that curiosity of what the movement in the image is about. It is a purposeful move.

And indeed, the music itself completes the story. It is talking about an event and a future. The context is the ruby jubilee celebration of Kumbo. The song “Together” (track 5) is a reflection on the theme. Track 3 is the Jubilee Prayer put into song. Tracks 1 and 4 are songs of celebration, calling everyone to dance into the forties, and to continue in the mission of growing God’s kingdom, together! Track 6 is a popular song from an unknown composer, talking about the splendour of this God whose message everyone is expected to carry to all corners of the earth.


Pope Saint John Paul II created the Diocese of Kumbo on Thursday, 18 March 1982, with territory taken from the then Diocese (now Archdiocese) of Bamenda. It is a diocese of the Roman rite of the Catholic Church. Kumbo is a sufragan diocese of the Metropolitan See of Bamenda along with the Catholic Dioceses of Buea, Mamfe and Kumba.

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is honoured as the Patron of the Diocese of Kumbo. The feast day is 8 December, which is the Solemnity of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. It is a holyday of obligation in the Diocese. It is on this day that the peak celebration of the ruby jubilee took place.

Conclusive Note

The image for the artwork of the EP “Together” represents the theme, and expresses what lies in the music. It is music that you would enjoy, and want to return to time and again. The songs are pleasant and sweet.

You can download the audios or listen to the music on major music streaming platforms by clicking HERE.

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