Nsay ki la set to release music EP titled TOGETHER

Nsay ki la is set to release an EP titled “TOGETHER”. It is a six-track collection of songs to celebrate and animate the Ruby Jubilee of the Diocese of Kumbo. The project will officially be released on 2 December 2022.


Pope St John Paul II  erected the Catholic Diocese of Kumbo in the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda, Cameroon on Thursday, 18 March 1982. The Ruby Jubilee celebration has been ongoing for a year. It has the theme “Together on Mission: ‘Go out to the whole world, proclaiming the Gospel to all Creation’ (Mark 16:15)”. The EP takes its name from the first word of the theme.


The intention of the “TOGETHER” EP is to enliven the atmosphere, animate the theme of the jubilee and reflect on its importance, as well as cast a hopeful glance to the future as a build-up to the peak celebration in December 2022. Among the producers of the project are Marc Eff of Kovapot, Produced by Lu (formerly part of the Chinjong X Chinjong duo), Dijay Kay, and Nsay ki la himself.  Two of the tracks feature The Virtual Chorale.

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This EP is will be available on major music streaming platforms. Audio download of the “TOGETHER” EP is available exclusively on Nsay Digital at www.nsaydigital.com

Lana Danirmo,


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