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We hereby announce that Nsay ki la will release a new song titled “KILEEME”. The three and a half minutes track is in English and Lamnso’, produced by Marc Eff of Kovapot. It will be released on Tuesday 22 November 2022.

Here is what a few notables had to say about “Kileemi”:

That beat on Kileemi is mad dope. Ama P vibes

YB00237, music promoter

KILEEMI is the type of music you can’t get enough of; the type that makes you dance and smile even when you don’t feel like it. The song carries such a wonderful message. I personally think the artist and producer are such a perfect blend.

Becky, music promoter

The new song is a fusion of Mbakelum (Mankon folk, Cameroon) with Amapiano (South Africa). The feeling it gives is pleasant, and the rhythm provokes the urge to dance. It is not verbose; even for one who does not understand or speak Lamnso’, the message can still be had from the English portions of the song.

Being cautious because of man’s wickedness to man; advising others to be careful; trusting in God for protection; all these together are the message of the song “Kileeme”. It will be available for download exclusively on Nsay Digital www.nsaydigital.com.

Nsay ki la is known more for his numerous compositions of Liturgical Music. He has recorded some of them, which are available on music streaming platforms. Learn more about him and the work of his team from their website www.nsaikila.net.

Lana Danirmo,

Contact: manager.nsaikila@gmail.com

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